Ways Of Keeping Lizards Away

Lizards can be bothersome pests that can get into your home and run around and damage all sorts of things. Some of the smallest lizards can get inside your attic or walls and damage electrical or plumbing fixtures and even harm your insulation. They are bothersome, and you need to eliminate them from your home when you come across.

How to get rid of lizards at home

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Lizards typically don’t try to get into areas if they notice that there are other organisms in a local spot. Egg shells can be arranged around spots through which lizards can get into your home. The odors of these eggs will cause the lizards to believe that there are other organisms around an area. This should keep them from being as likely to get into your property.

Egg shells work best around the corners of your property. They can be applied to the windows, doors and other spots that might be open regularly. Make sure they are placed in areas near where lizards might be.


While flypaper can always be applied onto any spot where lizards can get into your home, you should monitor it carefully. You have to check it every few hours after adding it to see if a lizard is stuck on it. You can always sends the lizard far from your home and remove it from the paper from there. This is critical as you need to avoid having a lizard stuck on the paper for far too long. The odors that come from a lizard that has not moved for a while can be bothersome.

Regular maintenance

It is often easy to keep lizards out if you maintain your property well enough. Contact insect control professionals to help you clear out any ants or other bugs in your home. Lizards will not be likely to go to your home if they cannot find their prey around here.Keep your lights down if possible since they are often attracted to lights.Seal openings on the walls using foam, wool or silicone.


Sulfur can be applied alizzyleftadfsghdjfklround your home to get lizards out of the way. Sulfur can be found in onion and garlic compounds among other things. This should help you to get lizards out as they are bothered by the scent of sulfur. They will not be as likely to move around your home if you add enough sulfur to keep them out of space. You can always hang garlic cloves around areas that you have found lizards. This should help with warding them off of your property.

All these ways can effectively help you eradicate lizards from your home.